I dont know about you…but I bloody love autumn, I don’t know why, but ever since I can remember Autumn has been my favourite time of year….maybe its the fact that being honest with you…. I don’t actually like the heat that much. On holidays I am always the one under the umbrella in the shade, so when the winter months draw in I am in my element!

I know the weather isn’t the best but I do enjoy getting wrapped up in my coat and warm scarf and taking Binks (Our Frenchie) out for a walk, Not only does he love being out but its a great form of exercise, on the days I am too busy to hit the gym, a simple 20-30 min power walk around our local park contributes to my weight loss too!

While we were having a gander around the park I had to get some snaps of Binks.


I especially like the top left photo! Action Shot Binky!

While our local park is our number one walking spot – we do enjoy visiting the local wildlife trust parks around Warwickshire and Leicestershire – which Binks enjoys the car journey far too much!

Stay tuned, I hope you enjoyed my Autumn Walk Post, I hope you pop back over soon!

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