Hello, Lovelies! 

Since starting my blog I have realized that it’s not as simple as it seems at times it can be  (very) stressful, Balancing Work, Social life, and my blog can become challenging. I love coming up with new ideas and spending time on building my little corner of the internet, and staying organized and motivated helps me continue to grow my blog.

I have jotted below a few of my favorite things to do to keep me organized and motivated to keep on bloggin!


This comes hand in hand with my schedule, Most weeks I work 7 Days a week, so finding time to plan can be tricky, but just taking out 10-15 mins each week to plan my posts and what I want to write about in advance helps keep me on track.

I have a big list of blog post Ideas which I pick and choose what to write about each day/week, but alongside that, I keep a calendar to remind me to either publish a post or start a new post altogether.

I use this Calendar template made by the amazing Andrea @ The Cottage Market I also LOVE this To-Do List that I found on Pinterest!


Each week I set a repeat calendar reminder on my phone to prompt me to write/publish blog posts. I use my phone calendar jointly with my wall calendar. Both sharing the same purpose but if I’m out of the house my phone can remind me.


Working 7 Days a week can be tiring but as I LOVE being organized and on track, I still take out time throughout the week to Schedule Posts, Make sure I am regularly Posting on My Twitter & Instagram (Shameless Promo I know – Follow me! I’ll Follow Back!) But I also love scheduling time out of writing my posts or catching up on social media to catch up on my favourite blogs! I have been loving Beth’s Blog Life With Bee and Recommend you go check it out!


I love being able to set myself targets and crossing them off once I reach/complete them and being able to look back at the past goals that have been crossed off my ever-growing list! I have set myself goals for my blog for the next 2 months, and I will set new goals for 2018. I also like setting weekly (and monthly) goals to help me stay organized and motivated and grow my little blog.

I am on the lookout for a new bullet journal/notebook to take while I’m on the go, so if you have any links/websites for any cute ones comment below!

I hope you enjoyed my post on staying organized, I hope you pop back over soon!

BlogLovin! –
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3 thoughts on “STAYING ORGANIZED

  1. Very impressive organisation! I was doing so well with my blog until work took over my life and I didn’t have time to schedule posts for the week. I needed your organisation then! Ha ha! I love the idea of keeping a list of potential blog ideas, I’m definitely a lists girl. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I try to! I work 7 days a week so it does get tough! but with my organisation hacks that I stick to really helps! yeah! I have loads of random lists in my notes on my phone just from when I am out and about! when a random Idea pops into my head! x

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