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Today I thought I would talk about my love/hate marmite relationship with the gym, At first…I hated it, 100% loathed the minute I stepped in the door but, over time I have come to enjoy going to the gym, I go through phases where I want to go every night and sometimes where ill only go 2/3 times a week. I change depending on my mood and my workload for the week.

Below I’ve  popped together my opinions on the gym and how I stay motivated….when really I just want to go home to bed and vegetate. 


I like going to the gym because of how it makes me feel afterward, I love the feeling as I walk out that the session I’ve just done or the class I’ve just completed has made me feel really good about myself. Also, I love that my gym is open 24/7 – this means that on a weekend we don’t have to rush to the gym, we can go whenever and simply use our cards to get in. Our gym is priced pretty decently, I pay £20 a month, for free classes (7 days a week) 24/7 access and free personal training sessions, So I feel like for the amount I am paying a month I definitely use to my advantage!


There are only a few reasons as to why I hate the gym – our gym in particular. The staring, Now I know I’m, not the skinniest, but I am going to the gym to better myself, so why do young girls, and guys give you evils for no reason? if you are a gym goer and have had this happen let me know below so I am not on my own! 


Each week I like to look at my workload, what shifts  I am on at work, or if I’m working at the pub on an evening time and as I plan with my Blog I like to make sure I am planning on which nights I have free to go to the gym and have time to do a full work out uninterrupted. I’ve created below a weekly agenda – which includes Monday – Sunday and includes columns for GYM – Work & My Little Blog. If you would like a printable version please let me know below! I can send you one over!

Weekly Agenda


Before starting slimming world, I was going to the gym and my weight was constantly up and down. Now I am on slimming world I keep a weekly food diary, along with that I like to take monthly photos of myself, I try to around 15th Of every month, to see if I look any different, most of the time the photos are deleted!

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Even though I am not the prettiest, or skinniest I am happy, I am content with my life, I am in a lovely relationship and have a brilliant support network, Losing weight and being on slimming world isn’t to prove anything to anyone but myself.

I hope you enjoyed my post on gym motivation, Comment below your top tips on keeping motivated!, I hope you pop back over soon!

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