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I know we are like halfway through the month already (Can It Slow Down?) but I’ve popped together a November Goal list that I would like to complete by the end of the month…


At the moment I am having all sorts of trouble sleeping at night, I feel like my brain is on overload and won’t stop working, and it keeps me up most of the night, So for my first Goal for the end of this month is to make myself go to bed at a certain time, before that I want to have 30 mins minimum downtime, that could be no phone/social media, no blog, and no tv – instead I want to read a book, this will help my brain “shut down” for the evening and theres something about reading that relaxes me. So to sort my body clock out I am setting a 10pm Cut off rule for my phone/laptop and Ipad, and I will spend 30 mins to 1 hour chilling out.


So before 30th November I want to hit my Stone award, I’ve had a shit couple of weeks and put on 2 pounds, which is not the worst gain in the world but being SO close to that 1 stone mark it’s knocked my confidence, So I’ve challenged myself to hit my stone loss and get off 4 pounds by 30th.


So this one ties into weightloss but I want to get myself into a proper routine, As I spoke about in my recent post regarding Gym Motivation I want to get back on track with planning my week, giving myself time to hit the gym for an hour. This will not only keep me active but will help 


Now this one is pretty obvious, but I want to get most of my Christmas shopping, I know people might think I’m crazy but having family all over the place each weekend in December is like christmas, so I have to be prepared, Luckily while I’ve written this post I’ve already bought quite a few presents, and the perks of doing it now makes December quite a chilled out month.


So for this goal, I want to get on track with my Christmas/December Posts, I also want to get into the habit of posting 2/3 times a week. I would also like to collab with another blogger this month and have a post ready for December.


For this Goal I want to start up a Help To Buy ISA – To Start saving extra pennies to go towards buying our first house (Since Writing this I’ve opened my ISA up and I am putting money in regularly!) I think this will help as it won’t be attached to my main bank account so I’m not tempted to take money out when I please….or when I impulse buy.

I hope you enjoyed my November Goals Post, Comment below your Goals for this month! I hope you pop back over soon!

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