I think since starting my blog is coming to the realization that keeping an audience captivated is harder than it seems, Now I understand I’m not just going to wake up with a billion followers as you know the term “Rome wasn’t built in a day” the fear of keeping them interested in your life, your content, whether you may be a blogger, Instagram-famous or a YouTuber, keeping yourself relevant is the biggest task you have.

Because without an audience that is semi- if not fully interested in you normal-ish life then you are nothing, I know that sounds really overdramatic, you are something. You are wanted, important and loved in the offline world, but if you want to pursue a career within the “online” world and all this blogging shebang then you need to put the effort into captivating your audience.

And without those captivated people, your little corner of the internet will….well stay little, I know at first you aren’t going to get hundreds of views and be an influential blogger, you have to start somewhere, and yes that does mean only getting 1if not any views on a blog post isn’t a bad thing. I guess it is what you put into what you get out of it, I follow some bloggers and their lives, and they can make a living off blogging, which completely baffles me! I have started this blog to document my life, I don’t know how long this will last, or if i will get to 50 followers or 50,000, It will be up to ME, if I put that extra work in, those extra couple hours before bed, put aside the youtube or boxsets and put that little bit more into my blog then just maybe it will make a difference.


When I published that first blog post I was, in all honesty, skeptical, yes I had planned my arse off, put together a blog post plan for a month in advance, created a bomb ass website (well I think its pretty cool) and I was ready to rock and roll but, as the post went up and each hour…even a few days after I checked my analytics and I had not one view. that there, in plain sight was my first cue to stop blogging altogether. I’d done my research, read hundreds of blogs, wondering how they hit thousands of views in only their first couple months, and I still couldn’t figure it out.


Before I quit all together I pushed myself further, I expanded my social media, Posted more on Instagram and Twitter and kept forcing myself to keep on posting new blog posts each week, And to my surprise, people did start to take an interest, and little by little I did start getting more and more views, I’ve just hit over 450 views in the past 2 1/2 months, which for me was an amazing milestone, so overall don’t beat yourself up if no one at first reads your blog, your hard work will reap the benefits when you do.


This one for me is about my family and close friends, At first, I was skeptical of what they would think, would they think I was a right weirdo? or if I had gone stir crazy? I was very worried about posting to my private facebook and announcing that yes I’ve gone mental and decided to start a blog which has no subscribers or views cause its shite! That’s literally how I felt at the beginning, l was putting so much hard work in for nothing, but everyone has to start somewhere, even telling Brad that I had started this blog was a MASSIVE worry for me! and he is my partner!


After my first couple weeks, I simply decided “Fuck It”, I am 20 years old, an adult I can face my fears and just be honest, and I did, that day a post was put up on facebook for ALL my family and friends to see, and I told Brad and the outcome?? The feedback was amazing, for being confident for just 1 day helped me overcome my fear of no one caring about my blog I spent so much time on.


To be honest, there is a lot of negativity around blogging and some people just don’t know what to make of it, and being blunt I was one of those people too. Not just about Blogging, but social media influencers in general, I couldn’t grasp the concept of my favorite YouTubers actually making a living from sitting in front of a camera! And being one of the most successful and influential industries that literally popped out of nowhere it can be very daunting, I mean some bloggers out there are somewhat celebs in this industry of posting your opinions and thoughts online, its mental! I think my fear of fil comes from not being good enough. When you see all these amazing influential bloggers captivating audiences and there’s you, with barely 10 followers and in your eyes a blog that could never be to their level.


Why I still try daily to overcome this fear I’ve learned being honest with yourself does actually help. I ask myself daily the reasons why I am going to fail when in honesty I’ve only just started, so why am I getting all worked up over something that hasn’t even happened yet? In reality, the fear of failure stops you from pursuing your dreams and is an excuse to not do certain things or exclude yourself from situations, when actually a fear of failing should push you to work harder so that failing is the last thing you do.

I hope you enjoyed my post on my blogging fears and worries, I hope you pop back over soon!Mellony fontBlogLovin! –






  1. I can completely relate. You don’t know what will strike a chord with someone and what won’t – even if you yourself think there’s a post that you love that wasn’t received as well as a piece you published just for the sake of it.


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