Dear Diary: My First Entry


So Today I thought I would post a little something about how my weeks going, My diary entries will be completely honest, straight to the point and probably quite boring (unless you are nosy!) but I think this a great way of just updating you guys about my weeks/days/months, and something I can look back at.

Since I was younger I LOVED getting a new diary each Christmas and filling it up with a year’s worth of entries (well most of the time! – I tried!) I still have a few diaries hidden in a box somewhere, which one day I can show my kids.

So…Not going to Lie, this week has been shite and we are only 3 days in…Maybe its the beginning of that time of the month (girls you get what I mean) but I am just so over emotional these past 3 days. I cried at a bloody Barclays advert? I mean cmon! who does that? Oh yeah – Me!….I seriously need to get my act together.

Works not been to great either, I feel like everyone picks a constant fight with me, you know that type of manager that’s only “managing” (and I say that with little enthusiasm) the department to get their name out, and get some sort of recognition while us -peasants- do all the bloody hard work! Maybe its just the hormones, but I am definitely not feeling my work this week.

On the plus side, I lost 1 1/2 pounds at slimming world last Saturday so that’s boosted my confidence to lose more, just hoping this Saturday shows a loss too!

I cannot believe its nearly the end of the month and I have nearly completed ALL my Christmas shopping! Which has made me very proud! last year I was still running around like a mad woman on Christmas eve! Only got a couple presents left and a secret Santa present for work and then its wrapping time!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG….I’m so excited…Brad & I are off to the Birmingham Christmas Market on Monday!! We both (after many months) have one full day off together – finally! (Blog Post about this impending!)


Ok….So the past 2 days since writing my entry for Wednesday have been…alright.

Not to be too graphic but the time of the month has well and truly started, Hence why all week I’ve been a mess. I’ve kept myself busy by wrapping presents (I know that’s really sad) But I would rather get it all wrapped now before December so I can enjoy the month without running around like a headless chicken finding last minute presents!

THANK GOD Its Friday, only working 12pm – 6pm at the Saturday & Sunday then Ive got 2 full days off…bliss!

well thats my opinion on how my weeks gone so far, hows yours been? let me know below!

Mellony fontBlogLovin! –





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