So this morning Brad & I both had a Monday off – which is crazy as we never get full days off to spend together! So we decided to get up early-ish and catch the train into Birmingham for the Frankfurt Christmas Market! Each year we take a day out to go over and visit the market, its become some sort of tradition! and this year was the third year running!

So after having a little lie in (which was lovely) we got ready and headed down to the station for our 10.30am train.


The whole train journey I couldn’t sit still! I was so excited, and the 36 min journey felt like it went on for years!

Once we arrived at New street we headed over to the main market area near the bullring! Seeing as the weather was dniefnely NOT on our side I was quite happy that we wrapped up warm, taking my coat, scarf and wooly hat was a good decision (well done shan!)

Before we could fully embrace Christmas in November Brad dragged me (not complaining) to Selfridges and then Harvey Nichols in the mailbox as he was looking for a Canada Goose Coat – which he has been saving a very long time for, unfortunately they are all sold out so its an online job for him, So FINALLY it was time to hit the Christmas market! Be ready for a photo overload!


I absolutely LOVED today, it was so special and exciting, and now I am writing this post (sorry for the shite photos – Brads brought me an amazing camera for christmas!) in bed basically about to fall asleep & my feet are killing from all the walking! But safe to say I had a lovely day!

Are you off to any Christmas markets this year? let me know below!

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