It’s been 4 and a half years since we left the beautiful county of Cornwall and uprooted back to Warwickshire, and its also been nearly 2 and a half years since my mum packed up and moved back down to the Cornish Coast, I know since being 20 and all I should be an adult and deal with it, but in reality it IS a lot harder than I will ever make out to anyone.

Yes I am grateful for brads Family letting me live with them, and they are an amazing support network, and seeing brad 24/7 does make our relationship stronger – and saving for a house together is so exciting! but…sometimes (I hope some of you agree) you just need a cuddle of your mum, my mum & I, yes we have had our fallouts in the past, yes we have both been stubborn and not spoken to each other, but after putting that all behind us and realised life is too short to be angry at someone. She IS my best friend, Yeah I have friends around here that I see regularly but unfortunately I do not have my mum close. I know My Best friend Havana would agree with me in saying that it’s not the same with mum being so far away. Growing up, It was always us 3, Havana, Mum & I – we did LOADS together and Hav even called her “mum” we were all/are still that close. 

But Y’ano, sometimes when I have had a shite week, or a crap weigh in and I just want to chill with my mum and sister and watch films, and I can’t.

In my opinion, the best thing that helps me when I get homesick is just picking up the phone and calling her, Mum & I speak on the phone daily, and it’s always nice to have a catch up about our day, this goes for my dad too, with him living in Wiltshire he is still nearly 2 hours away from me so just picking up the phone for that 5 min conversation always helps.

I understand growing up is about moving away from home and essentially “finding” yourself, and I know this post has been a little down in the dumps, but sometimes to feel better you have to talk about it. I think one of the most exciting things about saving for a house is having space for when my family comes up to visit, that there will always be a space for them!

I know this post hasn’t been the most upbeat one but I feel so much better writing this all out.

Do you live away from home? If so how do you deal with homesickness?

Speak to you soon!

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  1. What a lovely honest post, it’s very relatable and your right sometimes you have to think about the positivity over any minor negative moments because when you miss family you just remember all the good times. I find FaceTime quiet useful and making it a regular thing and keeping up with the family on what’s happening day to day helps me to feel involved as if I was still home as you feel a part of it… Natasha x

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