Hey, Lovelies!

So Today I thought I would pop together my 5 simple ways to have a productive day – for this post, I am steering more towards having a productive day at home, whether that be a day off in the week or a Saturday/Sunday these tips below can be used for any day


I know it can be easy on a Friday night after work to stay up until late catching up on crappy tv or youtube, But if I know I have a busy day ahead of me I like to ‘force’ myself in a way to go to bed early, for me getting enough sleep helps me get up earlier, I can tell I have more energy and can focus better.


I think for making any day productive getting up at a ‘reasonable’ time DOES actually make me feel better, Now… I am not saying getting up while its still pitch black is a good idea, but I know for some people weekends are valuable days off If I am not working I like to get up around 9 – 9.30am, so I still feel like I have had a lie in but I have the rest of the day to get stuff done.


Now this one is plain and simple, but I feel that having a nice hearty breakfast – especially over the winter months really helps me wake up and get on with the day! cause what beats a nice fry up (slimming world friendly) and a cup of tea or coffee – bliss!


I’m sure most of you have an ever-growing list of things to do when you get a spare “5 mins”  but I like to keep a list of top priorities to do over my days off and tick them off as I go.

Like the To-Do List below, I like to print one out each week and keep with my notebook in my handbag.

Related image


After getting up and I am ready to start the day, I go through my To-Do List and prioritize the most important ones to the less valuable ones that can be completed later on throughout the day. For me, things like walking binks, food shopping or putting the washing on go at the top to get done straight away for a proper productive day.


Now Mr. Binks is one of the main priorities for keeping active in a day, he needs walking daily so taking him out for 30 mins once or twice a day really helps me from just sitting on my arse watching youtube all day. Also, Brad & I like keeping fit so we like to hit the gym over the weekend too! – so an hours workout at the gym and taking binks for a walk for 30 mins does help with the weight loss!


For Me, its waaaaay to easy to get distracted or lose track of time by endlessly scrolling through Twitter or just saying to myself “one more episode” of my favorite shows, and before you know it, you haven’t moved in a few hours, and still have a whole list of things to get done, so turning my phone on silent, shutting off my laptop and getting that week load of washing done can really make me feel better, once I havent completed my jobs, even if its 2 things to do or 20, then I allow myself to duldge in those distrations and not feel guilt at ALL.


This one ties in with Breakfast as its basically about FOOD – Staying productive all day can be hard, so I believe in taking breaks here and there to chill out for 10-15 mins or have a lunch break before cracking on with the next load of jobs. Sometimes I just love getting some fresh air or having a sing along with a favorite song can totally relax my mind and get me motivated to carry on. Most of the time if I am cleaning the room or folding washing I like to listen to music, sometimes a little background noise really does help.


Some people are amazing at multi-tasking but for me once I have prioritized my task I work them through accordingly, so I like focusing on one task, completing it and moving on to the next.


FINALLY – at the end of a productive day, once I have ticked that last to-do off my list, I can finally chill out, My favourite routine is to have a shower, get in my comfy chill out clothes, pop some candles on and get cosy in bed with a drink and watch either a film or tv with brad.

I hope you enjoyed my post today on staying productive if you have any ideas I would love to read them below!

Speak to you soon!
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