Hey, Lovelies!

I cannot Believe its Nearly December 1st – with basically half a day left of November I can Barely Hold my Excitement!

If you are over the top – like me you would have completed 99% of your Christmas shopping and also planned for the month…..but, if you haven’t I have popped together this post with all the things I use to get organized for the festive month ahead!


Now, this organization tip I have used for years now, Around this time of year – Normally 1st November because I’m THAT organized, I like to Write out a list of what everyone wants/ideas for Brad & My Family.

I also use this list for the next month and tick of presents once I’ve Purchased them.

I like to use something like the photo below – or sometimes I will create my own template and add to it as I go (Template From Going Home to Roost)


Now…When it comes to Christmas presents I do go….a little over budget, ok a lot! But this year I have limited myself to £600 for everyone, that includes Brad & his family and my family too, just because I have spent a lot in the past and I don’t want to be broke over Christmas – But, this is just a budget……and I am basically over already..but don’t be like me guys! Set a budget and keep to it!


I think this ties in with my OCD for being organized, but I really like to keep track of the month ahead, I have printed the calendar below off which I keep track of what days I am working – family events and traveling, and of course, which days I will be posting on here.

Image result for december 2017 calendar tumblr


Now…if you have already completed my first organization tip (Like Me) I have already given myself a deadline to have all my wrapping done by 10th December. This is because I will be having an “early” Christmas with my mum & family in Cornwall on the weekend of the 15th – as I will be working around Christmas and new year so cannot travel much. I have all my presents ready, in neat piles, and the paper and essentials brought so I cannot wait to get cracking, spend an evening wrapping with some Christmas music or a film playing in the background!

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas organization tips! Let me know your best tips and tricks this Christmas below!

Speak to you soon!
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