Hello, Lovelies!

So Today I wanted to put together the goals I have set myself for the last month of 2017. I know I have popped together a blog post on my End Of Year Goals But, I wanted to take some of my end of year goals, tick off the ones I have accomplished and focus on a select few I want to tick off before January 1st.

Before I start I cannot believe it is December already! I am currently planning a 12 Days of Christmas sort of blogmas, as due to working a lot this month I couldn’t do the whole blogmas – but I 100% will be next year! I am also really excited to read everyone’s blogmas and Christmassy blog posts – eeek! this is 100% the best time of year! Also, I am stopping myself from watching all my fav YouTubers vlogmas videos so this Saturday when I have a day off I can binge watch them all! 

So let’s do this!

LOOSE 1 STONE – Now after a couple shitty weeks, I am 100% back on track, and I hope to get to that stone loss and hit that milestone! I really want to crack down on my pointless snacking, stick to 3 meals a day and drink lots of water!

MAKE MEMORIES  – Christmas, and December for me is a time for family, and being so far away from mine I cherish it even more, So I’ve set myself a task to take 1/2 photos each day of the month so that I can look back on it – and make a pretty cool (I think it is) blog post in the new year! I also cannot wait to have an early Christmas with my family in Cornwall on the weekend of the 15th! – be prepared for a blog post!

HIT 30 FOLLOWERS – Hopefully By Jan 1st I want to hit 30 followers on my blog! I know it’s not much but its a milestone I personally have set to hit! I know that 30 followers may be nothing for some people, but for me, it would be amazing!

HIT 1000 VIEWSI am currently at around 650 views, which is incredible! so I’ve set myself the target of hitting 1000 views on my little blog by Jan 1st – which would really end my 2017 with a positive, I want to hit this by putting out amazing content! and also engaging more on social media!

So those are my 4 main goals I want to smash by the end of the year! Comment yours below!

Speak to you soon!
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