Hello, Lovelies!

So we all know how amazing Christmas is… and well December/winter is overall so I thought I would pop together 20 different reasons why Christmas makes me happy!

I don’t know why but around this time of year everyone is just so happy and cheerful, and I am just so bloody excited to see my family next weekend (14th-17th) for an early Christmas weekend  I can’t contain my excitement!

I am also very proud of myself that I have wrapped 99.99999% of my Christmas presents – I think stating I went over the top with presents this year is an understatement! and after wrapping it all I realized my little sister has 2 Christmas sacks full of presents – but oh well! for me this year I am in a position that I can treat my family, I don’t care about presents for me this year, I am most excited about seeing their faces! – as my mum is going to kill me when she sees her presents (let’s hope she doesn’t find out the prices!)

So here are 20 things that make me happy about Christmas!

  1. FAMILYthis is the main one for me, I love traveling down to Cornwall to see my mum and sister!
  2. DECORATIONS – I am just so excited – I have started putting up decorations in the bedroom, hopefully by the time I am done it will look like Santa’s grotto!
  3. FILMS, FILMS & MORE FILMS – This one is a no-brainer – who else doesn’t love watching Christmas films back to back??!
  4. SHOPPING – There s something about buying presents for my family that I just LOVE, but this also includes the amazing deals in the after Christmas sales!
  5. WRAPPING PRESENTS – I just love popping on a Christmas film and wrapping presents, I think it just gets me into the Christmas spirit even more!
  6. MUSIC – I AM that person who drives about with the windows down (In 1 degrees) singing really badly and loudly to Christmas music.
  7. CANDLES – I just looooveeee buying shit loads of Christmas scented candles..just because I can.
  8. CHRISTMAS MARKETS – I love visiting the Birmingham Frankfurt Market – Check out my blog post here!
  9. COMFY CLOTHING – I am the type of girl to not really care if I go shopping in my trackies and a massive wooly jumper – winter is all about being warm, not fashionable lol!
  10. ADVENT CALENDARS – Not much to say about this one – they are just bliss!
  11. CHRISTMAS DINNER – This is basically the only “Sunday” roast I look forward to all year – yes, I love me a Sunday Roast, but there is just something about Christmas dinner that tops them all.
  12. BAILEYS HOT CHOCOLATE – So last year, Brad made a slow cooker hot chocolate with Baileys (Recipe Post anyone?) so I am reaaaallly hoping he makes it again this year.
  13. CHRISTMAS TREES – I just love it when there’s a Christmas tree all decorated and pretty – it’s just so exciting!
  14. HOLIDAY – This one is very exciting for me- it’s taking a break from work – not my blog but, my full-time job, to just turn off my laptop and enjoy spending time with my loved ones – bliss!
  15. SNOW – Now this one is a long shot, but we did recently in the Midlands have a little snow – and it was bloody freezing! But even just some more snow around the Christmas weekend would be really cool!
  16. UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS – Now this one is a tradition! I am on the hunt for an ugly Christmas jumper to take down to Cornwall for the early Christmas weekend!
  17. CHRISTMAS & BOXING DAY WALKS – Ever since I can remember we would always as a family go for a walk around Christmas or Boxing day – growing up in Cornwall the local village pub would open and everyone would meet up to celebrate.
  18. ALCOHOL – Just because its Christmas no one cares if you drink shit loads – fuck it turn up to work drunk (Don’t do that!) I just love enjoying a glass (or two) of champagne on Christmas day with my family!
  19. CHOCOLATE – Now who doesn’t love the selection boxes???? If you don’t you are a mentalist!
  20. BEING LAZY – Now this one for me is a true Christmas Tradition, if I want to spend all of Christmas day & boxing day in my PJs… I am bloody well going too!



So that was my 20 reasons for why Christmas makes me happy! whats yours? let me know below!

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