Hello, Lovelies!

This is one of the main things that properly get me in the Christmassy mood, is a good old Christmas film! whether it’s a classic or downright shite it still gets me all excited for Christmas! I know everyone has their own personal favs when it comes to Christmas films so I thought today I would tell you all about my favorites, I am also intrigued to see who likes the same ones too or has any other films they can add to my list!

So below I have created a list of my all-time favorite Christmass films – Enjoy!


Image result for Home Alone

This one is simply a cracking film! Its hilarious, stupid and Christmassy at the same time! Now I loved the first one, and also I think Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a good one as well! I didn’t quite rate the other home alone films! I think they got kinda crap after the second one!


Image result for Love Actually

This film is a must watch EVERY year, In my house, we probably watch this film 10+ times throughout the month! annnndd Andrew Lincoln (GORGEOUS MAN) is so bloody young in this film!


Image result for How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This one will always be on my fav list – Jim Carrey is such an amazing actor, and I bloody love visiting Seuss Land at Universal Orlando! The storyline is brilliant, and growing up (No Joke) I wanted to be a who! – weird child!

BAD SANTA – 2003

Image result for Bad Santa

Now, this film is on the rude side, but it is bloody hilarious! Its one of those films that I am cry-laughing the WHOLE way through! Brad introduced me to this film about 2 years ago, now its 100% one of my favs!

ELF – 2003

Image result for Elf

This film is loved by all, Its a classic which everyone raves about – and I’m one of them! Will Ferrell is brilliant, the storyline is amazing and I have watched this with my sister probably more than 10 times one Christmas, it’s a film that is enjoyed by everyone!


Image result for The Polar Express

This film makes me want to be a kid again, I know how exciting it is for my sister to wake up on Christmas day and see what Santa has brought her, and this film just warms my heart, the storyline is sad but also its amazing at the same time!

So that is my list – my fav Christmas films of all time!

whats yours? – let me know below!

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