SLIMMING WORLD FOOD DIARY 30/11/17 – 06/11/17

Hey, Lovelies!

I have been slacking a bit lately on the whole slimming world thing, and after quite a few personal problems I decided to get back onto it, so I have started a new group and have completed my first week (with weigh in tonight!)

So, I thought I would pop together a post giving you an insight on how my week has been! and I haven’t posted a food diary week since October (Sorry!)

So for this post, I have switched it up a bit and actually taken photos of my REAL food diary! 

As I spoke about in my first Food Diary Post – I fill this out Thursday – Wednesday, and there has to be 100% honesty!

Each week I make sure I stock up on Speed Food – these are Veggies and Fruit that help kick your metabolism. Free foods are your meet and other veg/fruit that you can still eat. You are allowed 5-15 Syns each day, 1 Syn is 20 Calories, I normally use the Slimming World Website to calculate Syns if I want to treat myself a little.


So that was my week! – Wednesday is looking a little bare but I have since taken this photo jotted down my chicken/veggie pasta for lunch and I will leave out dinner as I will eat after weigh in and group!

OVERALL FOR THIS WEEK: The past week has been ok…Since leaving my last group I have put a little on, but I am still 7 1/2 pounds down, so even a pound off this week would be great! But I am sure at 7pm I will be shitting myself!

Wish me luck!

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