Hey, Lovelies!

So welcome to my first day of Blogmas!.. well my twelve days of blogmas!

I am really excited for my little blogs first Christmas to be doing this, and I know that it’s going to be difficult but I am up for the challenge!

So I thought for my first day I would go for the most obvious choice – sorry! Here are my Blogmas Post Ideas (Most Of Them I will Be Using too!)

  1. Blogmas Post Ideas (Lol – Sorry!)
  2. Gifts For Her
  3. Gifts For Him
  4. Christmas Playlist
  5. Whats In My Bag – Blogmas Edition!
  6. Secret Santa Gift Ideas
  7. Christmas Wishlist
  8. Hot Chocolate Recipe
  9. Christmas Tag
  10. What Christmas Means To Me
  11. Winter Clothing Favs
  12. Winter Beauty Favs
  13. New Years Eve Countdown
  14. New Year Resolutions/Goals
  15. Stocking Filler Gift Ideas
  16. New Years Eve Outfit Ideas
  17. Winter Makeup Looks
  18. Winter Skincare Routine
  19. Favorite Festive Scents
  20. Fav Bloggers of 2017
  21. Favorite Blogmas Posts
  22. DIY Christmas Cards
  23. Wrapping Presents 101
  24. Your Fav Decorations This Year
  25. Must Haves While Travelling This Season

So those are my 25 Blogmas Post Ideas! Do you have any Ideas to add? Let me know below!

Simply Shan (5)Twitter: @Smaychambers

Instagram: @Smaychambers

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