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So for today’s blogmas post, I want to tell you all about the 10 things I cannot live without at Christmas!

As we all know there are definitely essentials you need at Christmas time! I know the most important thing about Christmas for me is being around my family, But I do have a tiny obsession with having all my essentials over the winter period!

1 . Mince Pies – Now..this is a deffo must have! I don’t think my Christmas is complete without these beautiful treats!Image result for Mince pies tumblr

2. Christmas Treas & Decorations – I LOVE fairy lights all year round, to be honest, but, I think due to the time of year, the early sunsets, when the Christmas trees are up and decorations out its simply amazing.Related image

3. Candles – Light a festive Cinnamon or gingerbread candle and I am in heaven! Image result for Candle christmas tumblr

4. Christmas Films – If there were no Christmas films, what would we do on a cold winter night?18b6f9a803d5ebb0f055976ad5a1f5d3

5. Christmas Music – Its Tradition with my family to sing and shout all the Christmas songs throughout Christmas day, I think music just lightens everyone’s spirits!Image result for christmas music on iphone tumblr

6. Baileys Hot Chocolate – For yesterdays blogmas I wrote up a post on my fav hot choc recipe! you can check it out here –  but on the topic of hot chocolate, its one of my fav things to drink at Christmas.BLOGMAS #8 BAILEYS HOT CHOC RECIPIE

7. New Christmassy PJ’S – this is a must-have on my essential list – each year I go out and buy a new set of Christmas pajamas for Christmas eve!Image result for christmas pajamas tumblr

8. Christmas Roast Dinner – This is the only Roast I ever get so bloody excited for all year!Image result for food quotes tumblr

9. Family – This one is pretty obvious, but I couldn’t spend and enjoy Christmas without my amazing family.

10. Wooly Jumpers & Scarfs – This one is a deffo must have throughout the winter months, I love stocking up on oversized jumpers, black skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots! – perfect!Image result for wooly jumpers tumblr

So! those where my 10 Things I cannot live without at Christmas time! whats yours? let me know!

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