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So for todays eleventh blogmas post I want to talk to you all about how I (For many years) have had stress free late Christmas prezzie shopping. This year has been pretty good for me! I had nearly all my prezzies brought by the end of November, but…..this was NOT the case for a few chrimbos gone.

Since it can be pretty manic and a total rush I like to follow these 4 simple steps for a stress free Christmas shopping trip!


This is CRUCIAL for me, this year I had my present list complete by the beginning of November but as I said above this has not been the case in the past. But, if you haven’t wrote a list I would 100% advise before one foot steps out of your front door to get a list written out, whether its on your phone or a piece of paper, just something you can take along to keep track of your desired presses and keep concentrated.


So….this one is an essential for me to have a stress free late chrimbo shopping spree! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loath going shopping in my coat, theres is nothing worse than sweating your tits off in the shops, knocking your concentration and making you agitated – not good! YES it may be below freezing outside but I would rather be 100% concentrated, my advise would be to wear leggings, gym shoes/trainers and a loose fitting top – pure comfort!


This one is a great step to starting your prezzie buying spree. I think planning your journey in advance can save time and hassle (and lots of worrying!) Planning your journey whether its by car or public transport, starting the evening off on a good note will keep you motivated.


Now…for this one as per the clothing issues while shopping, I bloody hate carrying around a big handbag, to make my life easier my go to shopping bag is my black backpack from Select – so I have both hands free to get those prezzies in my basket! and I am not dragging about a handbag with my life in it!

So! those where my simple steps to having a stress free prezzie buying spree! If you have any tips let me know below! it all helps!

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